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Cultural Heritage in a Changing World

The call for book chapter is now CLOSED.


In the 21st century the world faces epochal changes which affect every part of society, including the arenas in which Cultural Heritage is made, held, collected, curated, exhibited, or simply exists. This is a call for contributions to a book about these changes. The book will be published in the framework of RICHES: renewal, innovation and change: heritage and European society. RICHES is a research project funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme in the domain of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities. Its main objective is to reduce the distance between people and culture, recalibrating the relationship between heritage professionals and heritage users in order to maximise cultural creativity and ensure that the whole European community can benefit from the social and economic potential of Cultural Heritage.

The book will focus on the decentring of culture and cultural heritage away from institutional structures towards the individual.  With the advent of digital technologies what questions do we need to ask and answer in relation to how we understand, collect and make available Europe’s cultural heritage. How do we migrate from the analogue to the digital? In what ways is the individual forcing a rethinking of the institution? What hierarchies of knowledge, expertise and authority in cultural heritage are being disrupted, transformed or undermined by the digital?

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Co-creation and living heritage for social cohesion

Mediated and unmediated heritage

The context of change in which Cultural Heritage is held, preserved, curated and accessed

Identity and belonging

Cultural Heritage and places: place making, promotion and commodification of Cultural Heritage resources

Structures for community and territorial cohesion

Skills and jobs

Economics of culture and fiscal issues

The move from analogue to digital and new forms of IP (Intellectual Property)

A detailed description on what is expected to be addressed for each topic is provided here.


Karol Jan Borowiecki, University of Southern Denmark

Neil Forbes, Coventry University

Antonella Fresa, Promoter Srl


The intention is to publish the book with a reputable academic publishing house. We are currently negotiating with Springer, International publisher.

The publication will be released in 2016.


We seek contributions that will be useful references for the research community, policy makers, professionals from the heritage sector, cultural ministries and agencies, and widely communities and citizens interested on the selected topics.


Abstract submission deadline: 31st March 2015

Proposal acceptance notification: 30th April 2015

Contributions submission deadline: 31st August 2015

Contributions reviewed returned to authors: 15th October 2015

Revised contributions submission: 30th November 2015


Please submit your proposals by providing by the 31st March 2015:

Title of your contribution

Abstract (350 words)

Brief comment on which of the recommended topics the proposed contribution is addressing (200 words)

Contact information (Last name, first name, role, institution and mail)

The proposals must be in English and submitted in PDF format (only 1 file), using the template available here. To be sent via mail to

The submitted proposals will be evaluated by the editorial advisory board. Its acceptance will be communicated to authors by 30th April 2015, including the procedures for the full contribution submission. Full contributions are expected to be 7000 words.

Each contribution must be original and unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere.


For additional information/clarifications please contact


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